Wizards, Happy New Year. Now Trade Bradley Beal

John Wall’s season ending injury means the Washington Wizards are treading water. They are not good enough to get a  top seed in the playoffs but- and this is the problem- they are not bad enough to get a top-3 lottery pick.  They are stuck in this middle NBA earth with one asset in Bradley Beal who will play his butt off like he usually does in John Wall’s absence.

While Beal’s three ball is not what it was last year and he hasn’t been 40% from three since 2016-17, he spreads the floor, is a decent rebounder, has a career high in assists this season, and for three years running pencil Bradley Beal in for 20+ points. He doesn’t play a lick of defense and Beal isn’t special enough at the two guard to be a ten year All-Star but he is keeping the Wizards from turning the page and starting over.

Beal competes and he wants to win. He is going to try to will the Wizards into W’s and that is a big problem. The Wizards need to choke the head of the snake by any means necessary.

Bradley Beal needs to be flipped for draft picks and a couple of young players while the Wizards look towards the future.

Beal has suitors. While the Lakers seem a perfect fit, Beal’s contract is more than they want to commit to. The Hornets need fire power and the Bulls are looking for stability and talent.

At the end of his contract, Beal will make $28 million, a hefty sum for someone who has only had a cup of coffee at the All-Star game, guards half-heartedly, isn’t particularly explosive around the rim, doesn’t generate a lot of contact or fouls, and isn’t much of a leader. But he can score.

He is making 47% of his jump shots. How good is that? James Harden, Devin Booker and Klay Thompson are making 40% of their jump shots.

In the 4th quarter, Beal makes 54% of his shots, saving the best of Beal for last. He had a pretty good December: 47% and 34% from three, 26.5 points, 5.8 rebounds, 5.4 assists.

The suitors for Beal are overlooking his defense because what makes him tantalizing is what he can do with the ball. He can score from every part of the floor. More importantly, against the West he is identical in production (47%, 33% 3-pointers) with his East efficiency. Bradley Beal is consistent. That’s why he is valued.

The St. Louis native was in the Anthony Davis, Damian Lillard draft, selected 3rd by the Wizards and proved his mettle right away. His first 20 point game came within a week of his NBA career, against the Bucks.  23% of his games in 2012-13 he scored over 20 points. He was a born scorer, and paired with Wall, they were supposed to be the East coast version of Steph (Curry) and Klay (Thompson).

It hasn’t worked out that way. Wall and Beal just don’t fit and that is irrespective of if they like one another. Their games don’t mesh and their chemistry is forced.

Beal does nothing for the Wizards by carrying them offensively with sick numbers and then losing. He is being wasted when he could help a playoff team and the Wizards could benefit too by finding themselves with a top-3 pick.

It’s hard to admit failure but here we are. The Wizards flunked their Wall-Beal final exam and failed the class. No repeat necessary. Move Bradley Beal. This is scorched earth and just ugly to watch, like a dying man who doesn’t know he is dying but the family sees him gasping for breath and wants to pull the plug. 

Wizards pull the plug. Show mercy.