When Your Momma Is Scolding You, You Messed Up

You cannot leave the bubble. You cannot leave the bubble. You cannot leave the bubble. Should I write it in French? Tu ne peux pas quittr la bulle. Oh, you need it in Italian? Non puoi lasciare la bolla. Obviously English doesn’t work so how about street.  Chill yo butt in the bubble crib bruh.

If you leave the bubble (that the NBA and Adam Silver painstakingly constructed with Disney World as a partner), you might come into contact with Covid-19. Unintentionally, you might then pass the virus to a whole bunch of your teammates who might pass it to other NBA players, who may pass it to everyone they come into contact with at Disney World like say Donald Duck and Mickey Mouse, who might pass it to NBA coaches and staff and Disney employees, who can take it home to their children and parents. Then it’s chaos which is what the NBA is trying to avoid.

But a certain NBA player- Richaun Holmes- was confused as to why he was being tested multiple times while in states like Arizona it has taken 10 hours of line waiting to get ONE test.

NBA players are being tested over and over because a.) they are privileged and rich and receive benefits because of it, and b.), the NBA is trying to disprove a negative. They are trying to fool the basketball gods that they can indeed restart their season during a pandemic without catastrophic results. Also, follow the money.

The pandemic played havoc with  NBA economics. This is a way to recoup some of it.

But for dummies, let’s start with the basics. If you are tested multiple times, as NBA players in the bubble are, it means you don’t have freedom of movement. Dare I say that is why it’s called a bubble.

Richaun Holmes had to get him some food, unhappy with the choices I suppose, and so he decided he’d sneak in and out. Momma Holmes wasn’t having it. Dr. Lydecia Holmes said on Twitter:

You only cross the line for your MOMA’S COOKING! AND I WAS NOT IN FLORIDA SIR! #lol

Richaun Holmes is in quarantine. Solo for 10 days and more aggressive testing. It’s the NBA’s version of solitary confinement.

But because up is down and down is up no one is talking about Holmes leaving the bubble because he was hungry. Rather everyone wants to know who snitched on him.

There were some creative guesses from LeBron James to Chris Paul to Robin Lopez. It could just be that Holmes outed himself with his stealth move that was a little bit obvious. I mean he’s 6-10. He’s going to be noticed with some food bags. The NBA probably has spies and cameras everywhere and normally I’d be on the side of privacy but this is a tremendously difficult thing the NBA is trying to pull off. They have over 300 players in residence who they are hoping will follow the rules.

It wasn’t even a week before the rule-breaking began, as Dame Lillard predicted. This, on the same day Russell Westbrook revealed he is an asymptomatic carrier of Covid-19. That was the top story of course but the Holmes needing food so bad he was going to risk quarantine hell was 1a to Westbrook.

Of course, Richaun Holmes apologized. For those not in the know, he was a second-round pick of the Sixers and plays with the Sacramento Kings. He’s been a good fit for them. He plays more minutes, averages more points, and rebounds than Dwight Howard does for the Lakers.  Even his offensive rating is higher than Howard’s, 131 to 126.

So he matters for the Kings.

After his 10 day quarantine he can return to practice but can he survive the quarantine? If he couldn’t make it a week without going off-campus, then solo for a week may mess with his brain. And his stomach. I just hope whatever it was in the goody bag was worth his forced isolation.