Warriors 3-Peat is On

Because haters are everywhere, there is still discussion on whether the Golden State Warriors are a dynasty. Winning multiple rings doesn’t seem to satisfy the non-believers. Nor does having the best regular season record in NBA history and the best postseason record in NBA history. The doubters attribute the Warriors success to the era they are in, the shoot first, shoot threes, don’t gut out games the old school way. They say the league is soft, lacks toughness.

Truthfully, the Warriors are asked to meet a bar that is imaginary.  The Warriors will always be dismissed because of nostalgia. They won their title(s) differently than NBA champions of the past. But the numbers don’t lie. The Warriors dominance will be complete if they can do what the Houston Rockets and the Miami Heat could not do. Get a ring in title year number three. The Warriors will have done everything. MVP awards. Defensive Player of the Year Awards. The best regular season record. The best postseason record. Three titles in a row. 4 titles in 5 years.

To help their case, they signed DeMarcus Cousins. Let’s say Boogie comes back from his Achilles tear 70% the old Cousins. His game has to change. It’s not about Cousins dominating. He is one part of the puzzle. Kevin Durant is the star. Steph Curry is the star. Draymond Green is the leader. Klay Thompson is the x factor. Cousins has to find his niche within this talented group and if he can keep his ego in check, the Warriors are unbeatable barring injury.

Kevin Durant and Steph Curry have to stay healthy.  An effective Boogie can’t make up for what Durant and Curry are as a unique unstoppable combo. If healthy, pencil the Warriors in to the Finals. But are they the hungriest?

Do they want it as bad as the ones who are chasing them? Russell Westbrook hasn’t been to the NBA Finals in six years and Paul George has never been there. Chris Paul has a NBA Finals drought. Damian Lillard, James Harden, Anthony Davis are all hunting for a Finals performance. Unfortunately for all of them, they don’t look to the right and left and see an All-Star. But that only makes their passion to win higher, more desperate.

The bad news for the Western Conference field is the Warriors know how to win easier than their enemies know how to stop them.

2017-18 Strengths.

  • 1st. Field Goal Percentage, 3-Point Percentage, 2-Point Percentage, Free Throw Percentage, Assists, Blocks.
  • 3rd Field Goal Percentage Defense.
  • 7th Defensive Rebounding.
  • 9th Steals.

A team built to stop the Warriors has to defend inside and outside scoring, create turnovers with quickness, dominate the boards with size and score 110 points a game. Houston has the last part down pat. But the defensive part is still a work in progress. In other words, Good luck NBA.

The Warriors vs. the Warriors is more interesting than any team built to squash them. The Warriors have played 100 games for four years in a row and pretty soon the legs are going to get tired. Steph Curry will be 31 once the playoffs start. Kevin Durant is 30. Andre Iguodala will be 35 in January. Age is creeping up on them.

Last season after winning the title, David West implied their were serious locker room issues. West is retired but all the major players are back. How they put aside differences to three-peat as the competition is geared to stop them will determine if the Warriors are going to be part of NBA history. NBA lore. And NBA legends.