Ty Lawson Going To Rehab, Career In Limbo

Ty Lawson’s attorneys appeared in a Denver court room for a scheduled appearance. Lawson’s recent arrest in California changed the calculus. Now he is a repeat offender in the eyes of the court. Why didn’t the Denver judge order alcohol monitoring bracelets for Lawson when he was arrested in January? The Denver District Judge said she thought the NBA would monitor Lawson, as if the NBA’s job is that of a drug court.

Lawson’s attorney told the court he was entering a 30-day residential rehab, one that houses celebrities. His next court date in Colorado is August 20. This is just the tip of the iceberg though. A second DUI when the first DUI hasn’t been fully adjudicated and the case closed generally pisses off the state. Lawson has more court appearances in two states, more punishments and fines in two states, and the NBA has their own investigation and punishment. At the very least, Lawson will miss opening night.

Multiple reports suggest that the Denver Nuggets will move Ty Lawson by the time training camp opens in late September. A minimum of four teams are interested in adding the beleaguered point guard even though it has its complications. No one knows exactly when Lawson will be available to play and what the restrictions are in regards to his many probations. Today, the court ordered continual alcohol monitoring of him. If he leaves rehab early he will be arrested.

But to the teams interested in him, it is just a setback. Lawson, an undersized point guard, averaged 15 point and 10 assists in 2014-15 while playing 35 minutes a game. It just may be that Lawson is a good on the court player but not a leader. Perhaps the pressure is too much for him too handle.

Sacramento Kings: The front runner in the Ty Lawson sweepstakes. Lawson is a favorite of former coach George Karl and the reunion would benefit both Karl and Lawson.

The Good: The combo of Lawson and Rajon Rondo would upgrade the Kings backcourt with two point guards who are great playmakers. Lawson has a higher offensive talent than Rondo making their co-existence an easy one even as it pushes Ben McLemore to the bench.

The Bad: The Kings are a dysfunctional group with DeMarcus Cousins in an open war with George Karl, one that can erupt at any moments time. Cousins is known to revert to two year old tantrums during practice which is going to make Karl’s head explode. He’ll try to trade him openly all season long. Lawson’s maturity is questionable and putting him in an environment in which Karl tries unsuccessfully to control the uncontrollable may be a recipe for disaster.

The Money: Rudy Gay would go to Denver.

Los Angeles Lakers: If they acquired Ty Lawson they would be in contention for the lower half of the playoffs with Lawson, Jordan Clarkson, Kobe Bryant, Julius Randle and Roy Hibbert.

The Good: Lawson would start for two years and D’angelo Russell would have two years of development without the pressure of a starting point guard in the Western Conference. Even though there is pressure playing for the Lakers, Kobe Bryant in the lineup takes all the blame and all the praise. Lawson could operate under the radar. His game blends in with what Byron Scott is comfortable with in his hybrid Princeton offense.

The Bad: It’s L.A. with all of its distractions, the place of Lawson’s last arrest. Having him in L.A. might be a dangerous cocktail for a player struggling with maturity issues.

The Money: Nick Young, cash/and or a draft pick would go to Denver

Houston Rockets: The Rockets are always in the discussion when a talent comes on the market, star struck as they are. They would bump Patrick Beverly to the bench.

The Good: Too many times the Rockets fall into their James Harden dependency whose usage rate was 6th most in the NBA last season. Lawson will take the ball out of Harden’s hands.

The Bad: The Rockets perimeter defense- Harden is awful, Lawson is average- would take a huge hit without Patrick Beverly shutting down defenders.

The Money: Tevor Ariza/Pablo Prigioni to Denver

Detroit Pistons: In a move that makes no sense whatsoever since the Pistons just overpaid Reggie Jackson, giving him John Wall money, the Pistons could, with Lawson, move Jackson to the two guard and sit Jodie Meeks who had an average year last year.

The Good: Lawson and Jackson both notched 9 assists last year. Having them in the backcourt would greatly improve the Pistons ball movement. The league is moving towards a perimeter based, two creator system and Lawson and Jackson fit that to a tee.

The Bad: Lawson would be the leader of the group. It would not be a good fit for him on any level.

The Money: Brandon Jennings would go to Denver.


photo via redsarmy.com