Things Just Got Worse for the Lakers: Young and Clarkson Accused of Sexual Harassment

Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson have been accused of sexually harassing two women in West Los Angeles. The Lakers have apologized to one of the alleged victims, Alexis Jones, who filmed the incident and then outed both players on social media. She asked the public’s help in identifying them. Of course, Lakers fans were willing to name Nick Young and Jordan Clarkson as the perpetrators. The incident, according to Jones, drove her mother, who was the second victim, to sobbing out of fear.

The women were at a stoplight on Melrose and LaBrea. In the next lane was a Jeep with four men. The men began hurling what Jones described as “vulgar sexual gestures” which included commentary. That is when Jones pulled out her phone and began filming.

Jones is the founder of I Am That Girl, a non profit, charged with educating athletic men about sexual harassment and domestic violence. The irony is that she was working with the NBA to adopt one of her programs, ProtectHer.

She posted online: Five minutes ago at the intersection of Melrose and LaBrea here in LA, a jeep of four boys pulled up at a red light and starting yelling and making the most disgustingly vulgar gestures at my mom and me. I rarely ‘rant’ about things but this is the f%+#ing problem and the reason I’ve now dedicated my life to educating young men about respect, not just for women but for everyone. I’m angry. I’m insulted. I’m hurt. They were laughing hysterically until they realized I was filming them and immediately they panicked like the cowards they are.”

She added that she wanted their mothers to see the video. She then asked her followers to “help me find who these guys are!!! Let’s see the power of social media and hold them accountable.”

The question remains will the Lakers hold them accountable or sweep it under the rug with the obligatory apology.

Immediately after it went viral, Nick Young tweeted: “Aye, if you want some attention take a pic of me and say anything next to it and post…the world we live in”

It was instantly deleted.

It puts the Lakers in a very sensitive position as they are trying to sell to their very aggressive and monied fan base to trust the young guys on the team. One of their young guys, Jordan Clarkson, is expecting a $58 million dollar extension. He is one of the alleged perpetrators who is often labeled the mature one. His cohort, Nick Young, is enduring a career worst year shooting 33% and putting in a paltry 7.9 points per game. The Lakers repeatedly remind anyone listening they are a family organization. If true, these are not family values.

The Lakers publicist John Black said of the uproar, “We take the allegation seriously and are continuing to look into it. Until we get the facts from all the parties involved, it’s not appropriate for us to comment.”

But it was appropriate to apologize? Alexis Jones said she was “inspired” by how the Lakers responded.”

Lou Williams said it best in a tweet.

It’s ok to grow up

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