Three Is An Unlucky Number

The death of Uncle Cliffy continues the heartbreaking year for the NBA. For Blazers fans it’s even worse. Clifford Robinson, Kevin Duckworth, and Jerome Kersey all died prematurely.

Dame Is 30?

Dame Lillard is 30. It won’t matter. He will be just as lethal as he was at 29 and 28 and 27. But is that enough to turn the Blazers into contenders?

A Few NBA Teams In Salary Cap Hell: 2017-18

The salary cap projection figures for next year’s NBA season have been released. The good news is that the salary cap [tentatively] goes up $7 million to $101 million, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of The Vertical. The tax level will rise $8 million whereas if you spend north of $121 million you have to pay…

Blazers Are Sneaky Bad, Blame Neil Olshey

Being active in free agency does not mean you are making your team better. Offseason binges by general managers often look like a cry for help. It’s like when your mother gave you money to buy the Christmas gift you always wanted, but instead you went out and bought three gifts that you kind of…

Greg Oden Goodbye But Did He Really Say Hello?

In the spring of 2007, Kevin Durant was the most skilled college player, a scorer out of Texas. Befitting the Durant bio, he could make shots from just about anywhere. The only knock on him was thinness. At the draft combine, he could barely bench press 100 pounds. That seemed to indicate he was going…