But Will Doc Apologize?

When Doc Rivers begged his All-Star player to NOT divorce them- PLEASE. DON’T- it was a bad look and a lie. The Sixers want to trade Ben Simmons badly. If only Simmons would cooperate.

Lakers 2, Doc Rivers 1

Doc Rivers couldn’t escape his record. Worst in NBA history at Game 7s. Not advancing to the NBA Finals had extreme consequences in the city of Los Angeles. It was a reminder. He couldn’t beat the Lakers when it mattered.

Doc Rivers Redemption

With Lob City buried so deep into the ground the dirt is turning yellow, Doc Rivers is in a place he hasn’t been since he coached an unremarkable Orlando Magic team to 41-41 (1999-00) and they missed the playoffs on the last day of the season. Rivers has had better teams, better players, he has…

Stan Van Gundy Blueprint Running Out of Oxygen

Stan Van Gundy and Doc Rivers were revered coaches  in charge of personnel for their respective teams, the Pistons and Clippers. Both asserted their power as NBA intellects who mattered. Van Gundy appeared in the NBA Finals in 2009. One year earlier, Doc Rivers won the NBA Finals in 2008. Rivers appeared in the Finals…