Swaggy In Handcuffs?

NBA champion Nick Young does not have a team and it is late August so it makes sense to wonder if and when it will happen, or if Nick Young will be in China this fall. Swaggy is 33 years old and has been in the league since 2007. He has played for (5) NBA clubs and he is hoping for a sixth but so far no one is rushing to the Nick Young front door. His year with the Warriors was a mixed bag. He played in 80 games and shot 37% from three but that was down from 40% from three the year before. He didn’t play 20 minutes a game and his offensive production took a nosedive.

Swaggy is one of those players like Lou Williams. It’s all about rhythm. He has to get his 22 minutes to be effective. Anything less than that plays hit and miss with the Swaggy psyche. His 10 minutes per game of playoff action was a consequence of his brutal shotmaking: 29% with the long ball and 30% overall.

Swaggy will get his shiny championship diamond bling on opening night when the Warriors play the Thunder but Nick Young’s ring will be mailed to him. He won’t be in the building. The Warriors aren’t interested. So far, no one else is.

But the cops. They had themselves a Nick Young situation. The police accuse Young of interfering in an investigation and not cooperating. They slapped the cuffs on and he was arrested, posting $10,000 bail. It was a misdemeanor.

Nick Young has always had more value as an entertainment mascot than a true and blue NBA player you can count on if you are not a losing team. He is fun loving, silly, a little dense at times, probably saddled with some kind of attention deficit malady because he just loses focus. He had his world rocked by D’Angelo Russell who posted some things he shouldn’t have and it ruined Young’s personal life. But for the most part, Nick Young’s career is exactly what it was supposed to be. He’s the goofy bright spot in a league that is way too serious and somber at times, that thinks what they do has the same impact as a neurosurgeon cutting out a brain tumor.

I wish I was in that holding cell once Young was booked. I would have loved to hear Swaggy with the other inmates, the wife beaters, the gangsters, the DUI dope, the liquor store robber, the opioid head. Swaggy is usually smiling. How did he mix with his fellow citizens? Did he crack them up with his adolescent humor and infectious joy? Or, was he appropriately scared?

It is late August, nearing September, and the fact that Nick Young isn’t on a training camp roster is problematic for him. Is he this year’s Monta Ellis? Not necessary?

Or, is he being correctly evaluated?

What does Nick Young do well? He makes threes. But he doesn’t rebound. He doesn’t pass the ball. He doesn’t defend his position. His basketball IQ is often back in the locker room. So what sense does he make (as an investment) when what he does best someone else can do equal to his ability and they are willing to invest themselves in other facets of the game.

Nick Young will be on a NBA roster, I imagine. The Hawks or Nets or Magic will give him a try and Swaggy will drain a bunch of threes and sell himself into another one year deal. It is the Nick Young story we know. But a story that pretty soon is going to crash and burn to the ground.

He needs the NBA but the NBA doesn’t really need Nick Young. Not anymore.