The Summer Did Not Humble Ty Lawson

Give Ty Lawson credit for doing the arrogant, not humble thing. Ordinarily, if you were arrested for the second time in six months for driving under the influence and then you topped it off with a stint in rehab, followed by a trade where the big boss of your team said you came to practice a little bit drunk, more than likely your behavioral approach would be something close to keeping a low profile and proving people wrong, the people who say you are a terrible leader, an average teammate and a good point guard but not a great one.

But, Ty Lawson is Ty Lawson, meaning posting a photo of himself shirtless on a boat and then getting a dig in at his former employer, the Denver Nuggets, while getting into it with fans is perfectly acceptable.

Here are the facts, in case you missed it.

Chauncey Billups on Ty Lawson (to 104.3, The Fan, in Denver):

“Ty has not demonstrated the kind of leadership that you want. And you have a young kid named (Emmaneul) Mudiay coming in who I think has a chance to be a star in the league. Right now the best player on the team is Ty Lawson. As a young player in the league you come in 19-20 years old, you often times try to emulate the best player because that’s one day what you want to be.” (Billups remarks came five days before Lawson was arrested.)

In California, Ty Lawson was pulled over for speeding and then failed a sobriety test. He was arrested for Driving Under the Influence. It was his second arrest in six months for the same crime.

Josh Kroenke, president of the Denver Nuggets said this about Lawson after his arrest.

“He always had an affinity for burning the candle at both ends. We want to give our players freedom to be young guys as well. We’re not gong to be drill sergeants. But we want our guys to be able to handle their personal lives on their own. But the problems have been there for several years…There were a lot of times where you were at practice and you just know. You could smell it. You know there is probably deeper issues than he would probably let on.”

Lawson on social media when a fan said he was a “disappointment here in Denver.”

“lol. I wasn’t a disappointment…. I did my job…Tim Conelly and the kronke are bad owner’s and g.m.’s.”

Forget that he misspelled the name of the owner who signed his checks, Lawson has a point: he did do his job. His rookie year average of 8 points and 3 assists increased to 15 points and 9 assists last year. But, last year was a down year from his 2011-2013 production when he averaged 16 points and 7 assists on a team that he led to the playoffs. But where he is obviously clueless is that a part of his job is leading a team to a championship. A part of his job is making the players around him better. A part of his job is being dependable and consistent on and off the court. A part of his job is not getting arrested and bringing embarrassment upon himself, his family and his organization. A part of his job is to learn from his mistakes, not repeat them over and over.

Lawson is still partying. He was recently seen at a Sunset Blvd club but with a driver, not necessarily what a rehab counselor would encourage but he was sober. He is still under the court’s supervision and the NBA has yet to issue any kind of suspension regarding his second arrest.

But at the end of the day, Ty Lawson is the winner. He found a way to burn his way out of Denver and onto a playoff contender (Houston Rockets). He is right where he wants to be, regardless of the summer that did not humble him. He is eager to remind everyone he is not who you think he is. But that doesn’t matter anyway. It’s what Ty Lawson thinks of himself that matters most.


photo via llananba