Shopping Ryan Anderson And Hitting Paydirt

They say a sucker is born every minute. Maybe not every minute in the NBA but just wait and you’ll see water turned into wine. Or, whine. Ryan Anderson of the ridiculous contract has been traded to Phoenix for Marquise Chriss and Brandon Knight, of the ridiculous contract. The Suns hated lottery-average Knight which was easy to do. He is a volume shooter that doesn’t do anything else and he’s barely played since signing a mega extension he had not earned. He pads stats but doesn’t help a team win. So I guess both the Rockets and Suns prospered in getting rid of contracts they never should have signed in the first place.

I’ll give the Rockets the slight win because they are getting Marquise Chriss who hasn’t shown extraordinary talent but he is a good role player who is still developing. His immaturity will be reshaped under the leadership of Chris Paul who will force Chriss to grow up. Brandon Knight will be a non-factor. He’s  a small guard who takes too many threes. He’ll get minutes, if he’s healthy but not a lot of them. Even if Chris goes down in the playoffs (again) Knight can’t help them. He can’t guard my grandmother. The Rockets are becoming an epic disaster on defense. They better score 120 points a night.

But back to Anderson. When the Rockets overpaid him in 2016, 4 years and $80 million, it was one of those deals where you smile now and cry later. It was not because Anderson was eating up the cap but it is what Anderson was not bringing.

The Suns will be back in the lottery and so they really don’t care but… Anderson can’t guard his position. If he was in the back court draining threes, no problem. But Anderson has to deal with Anthony Davis and LaMarcus Aldridge and Draymond Green. He’s just not quick enough and he doesn’t do enough other things like rebounding to make him worthwhile, not to mention he can’t earn his salary.

The Suns will plug Anderson in and let him jack up as many threes and once again they will be an atrocious defensive team. Anderson doesn’t help a young team. He’s a good teammate but doesn’t have the game or the personality to lead. He’ll get his minutes. On a better team, Anderson can get you in the playoffs, but in the playoffs he gets limited minutes because of his liabilities.

Last year in the regular season, he played 66 games, averaged 9 points in 26 minutes and 5 rebounds. The lie about Ryan Anderson is he is a 40% three point shooter, a Warriors prototype. No. He is not. He has shot 40% from three twice in his career. He couldn’t make the Warriors roster because he can’t defend and rotate quick enough.

Anderson’s best year was with the Pelicans five years ago when he nearly cracked 20 ppg. He shot 40% from three and pulled in 6.5 rebounds. Seven years ago in Orlando, he averaged 7.7 rebounds. But on the Rockets, Anderson was there to stretch the floor, enable James Harden and drill the open shot when it came his way. However, that is not worth $20 million per. If it was, that’s how much Kyle Korver would make.

Points (Reg. Season) 3-Point% (Reg. Season) Points (Playoffs) 3-Point% (Playoffs) # of 40% from 3 seasons
Kyle Korver 2017-18 9.2 43.6% 8.3 41.3% 11
Ryan Anderson 2017-18 9.3 38.6% 1.7 33.3% 2

Speaking of Korver. He is seven years older than Anderson and in 2017-18 put up the same scoring numbers, 9.2 points. Korver is a better all around shooter while Anderson averaged 3 more rebounds but is that worth $13 million more?

In the playoffs, Anderson was used sparingly, 8 minutes, and didn’t register two points on average. His three ball has gone south the past two playoff seasons, 28% in 2017 and 33% this year. So what does that $20 million really get you?

Brandon Knight has fared worse. He had a tortuous career after leaving Kentucky. He had some forgettable years in Detroit and Milwaukee. He was traded for Isaiah Thomas and was a bust. He took 17 shots a game in 2015-16 and averaged 19 points. Not exactly efficient. His last NBA game was February 15, 2017 or 562 days, 80 weeks, 18 months, 80,000 minutes ago. Good luck him trying to make an impact. He was a lottery pick who cannot stay healthy and never entered the NBA with an efficient game.

So one person’s crumbs was traded for another person’s crumbs. It’s one more sign NBA training camp is right around the corner.