When Is A Promise Not A Promise? When It’s Cleveland

By now you can take your pick of the Cleveland injustices that have flung the organization into a cesspool  of wretchedness that continues to fester, bleed, irritate and just make everyone sick who has to look at it. There is Kyle Korver who entered into a handshake promise and thought Dan Gilbert man enough to keep a promise. There is Collin Sexton the boy wonder who doesn’t really know much about NBA basketball. There is the old guard of Tristan Thompson and J.R. Smith, NBA champions who are on the outside looking in, no friend of the go young or go home regime. There is the coach who likes to say he is “the voice” and refuses the low hanging fruit of a contract Dan Gilbert is trying to get him to sign. There is the team that plays like they just met each other five minutes ago. It’s enough to hurt the eyes just to watch this mess. Soap operas pretend they happen in glittery places like Hollywood but this is Cleveland. This is Cleveland.

Speaking of Cleveland. Many years ago the Cincinnati Bengals were playing the Seattle Seahawks in the snow. Because of bad calls, Bengals fans began throwing snowballs onto the field during the game. The Seahawks refused to continue until the snowballs stopped.  The coach of the Bengals then took the mic. His name was Sam Wyche. He boomed over the speakers, “Will the next person that sees anybody throw anything onto this field, point ’em out and get ’em out of here. You don’t live in Cleveland. You live in Cincinnati.”

You rot in Cleveland has always been the sad song. Manners and grace are missing.

Of the 2018-19 Cavs, manners and grace are missing. It would be Armageddon except no one really gives a damn.

Over the weekend, the Athletic by way of Joe Vardon, revealed that Kyle Korver took a handshake deal. If LeBron James was ever traded, the Cavaliers would then move him. To no one’s surprise, Korver is still on the roster after being faked out by Dan Gilbert.

Kevin Love who was paid ridiculously well is out probably until December. Love is a nice player but is not a number one option but he was paid that way because….no I am not trying to figure out Dan Gilbert’s brain.

Collin Sexton has a mutiny on his hands because his teammates think he’s a crappy player. He’s not Donovan Mitchell. He’s not even Lonzo Ball. He is the point guard version of Darius Miles. Athletic to the bone. Fast. Quick. A highlight reel if he played by himself. But what the NBA requires a point guard to do he just cannot do really well, not yet. Will he develop?

Did Anthony Bennett develop?

In their NBA preseason preview, a NBA scout thought this about Sexton:

“I think his upside is limited. He’s a high volume shooter, but to me he’s just Monta Ellis. He’ll be a solid sixth man one day, a decent starter maybe but I wouldn’t have done it.”

J.R. Smith dissed Sexton by saying Trae Young was Rookie of the Year. Sexton’s teammates feeling zero love for him, not having his back as a teammate should do, is more proof how much the Cavs ship has hit an iceberg. From all indications, no one in leadership is doing much about it. Remember when David Griffin called that legendary 2016 meeting so Cavs players could vent? No such cure here.

As for Kyle Korver and that promise. You can blame Korver for being gullible and not thinking like a businessman and so it is his fault for not nailing down the details in a contract. But the Cavs have shown a lack of integrity that, in a way, is karma.

Fourteen years ago, the Cavs agreed to forgo the team option and allow a young Carlos Boozer to become a restricted free agent. They entered into a promise. The promise was that Boozer would re-sign in Cleveland. But as a restricted free agent, the Utah Jazz offered Boozer more money than Cleveland was able to offer and Boozer ditched the Cavs. Everyone was all up in arms about Boozer and his agent’s (Rob Pelinka, Lakers GM) lack of integrity, how they gamed the system to set Boozer and Pelinka up with more cash. Now here we are with the Cavs breaking a promise to Kyle Korver and it feels like we’ve been here before.

The season feels like we’ve been here before too, hated by the Basketball Gods. Remember 2010-11? I do.  19 wins. 63 losses.