NBA FrontPage: Thompson and Rose Return, Odom Struggling

A few days before the regular season was set to begin, the Cavaliers and Tristan Thompson thought it a good idea to chill their beef and get a deal done so they could start the long journey back to the NBA Finals without distractions. So Thompson signed a 5 year, $82 million dollar deal to end his hold-out. Yes, he is vastly overpaid for a bench player- the world knows that. But to his credit, Thompson negotiated a price he felt worthy of his 10 points and 8 rebounds per game. The fact that Thompson was asking for a max deal and didn’t receive it isn’t a reflection that he lost this round with the Cavs. In all negotiations you start high.

Now the Cavs are ready to begin defending their Eastern Conference Champions banner- are they really going to hang that thing? Thompson, though, isn’t in game shape so they’ll probably work him in slowly. It doesn’t matter. We won’t know much about the Cavs until January when they get everyone back.

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Derrick Rose returned for his first preseason game of the year. He played limited minutes and shot the ball well. The Bulls have a decision to make on how they are going to use Rose in the short term. The Bulls play 4 games in 6 nights to start the season. They open up with a back-to back against the Cavs and the Nets. Last season, Rose was anemic on back-to-backs. Why not sit him this year?

With the state of Rose’s knees you are always one drive and change of direction away from him writhing in pain, knee buckled. The Bulls offense this year under Fred Hoiberg will be more open and free flowing with floor spacers which only is more of a reason that Rose should have restrictions in place the first month of the season before the Bulls have him play 30+ minutes per game.

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Lamar Odom remains in critical conditon at Cedars-Sinai Hospital in Los Angeles. His kidneys are in actue failure and are the primary concern of his doctors. Will he ever regain function in his kidneys? Currently, he is on dialysis which drains the toxins and fluids from his body since his kidneys can no longer excrete waste. As if that wasn’t enough trauma upon his body, Odom has damage to the motor cortex region of his brain. The motor cortex is located in the frontal lobe and it sends signals to the muscles and spine. A scan revelaed Odom had twelve strokes early in his crisis which damaged this part of his brain, impacting gross motor functions. He is unable to stand or walk and his speech is mumbled. Odom has a long physical therapy regimen ahead of him that his clinicians hope will assist him in the ability to regain his lost funcitons but no one knows how permanent this damage is.

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Thabo Sefolosha is considering suing the NYPD and the city of New York for punitive and compensatory damages in the amount of $50 million.  Sefolosha was arrested on specious charges and then his leg was broken. It’s a classic police brutatlity case. Sefolosha testified in criminal court that he was basically jumped by the police for giving a homeless man twenty dollars. The civil lawsuit, if filed, wouldn’t be the first of its kind for the NYPD. They routinely give settlements to victims of wrongful death and police brutality but the $50 million dollar amount is jokingly obsessive. Routinely, victims who have been murdered are awarded between $3-$5 million. Sefolosha wasn’t paralyzed. If he won a judgement it probably would be less than a million. More importantly than the award, Sefolosha could further prove the NYPD acted in a manner of racialized aggression, causing him pain and suffering.

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John Henson of the Milwaukee Bucks was trying to buy a watch when Shopping While Black caught him in the crosshairs. He was denied entry into a Wisconsin jewelry store and then here come the cops. They watched him for out about five minutes and then approached Henson with the always intellecutal question of: why are you driving that expensive car? Henson explained it was part of his endorsement deal. The police were still skeptical and, according to Henson, wanted to do a further background check on the 6-11 center. But eventually the cops told the store employees who were cowering in the back in fear that they could let Henson in.

Henson was both humiliated and pissed. That meant tell his story on Instagram which, of course, caused the whole episode to blow up, as if Henson was the first black guy ever to be profiled. To their credit, the Milwaukke Bucks released a statement supportive of Henson and then in a SMH move they said, although racial profiling is a problem in the country, how Henson was treated is not reflective of Milwaukee as a community.

And they would know that how? Because Milwaukee is somehow immune to racial profiling? Did Milwaukee swallow an anti-racial profiling pill? Racial profiling happens everywhere else but not in Milwaukee, the second poorest city in the country? C’mon now.

photo via llananba