NBA Front Page: Durant’s 5, Kareem Slams Trump, Dwight Howard’s Gun

As Labor Day weekend ushers in the end of summer, the countdown for NBA training camp begins. Three weeks before media day starts, NBA off court news runs the gamut from the oh really– Kevin Durant’s top 5, to the oh you’re stupid– Dwight Howard trying to bring a gun on the plane, to oh stop it– Donald Trump trying to clown Kareem Abdul-Jabaar. Here’s the week in review.

Kevin Durant: he named his all time starting 5 and before everybody gets all shook about his list, remember it is his list. He can put whoever he wants on there. He left off Larry Bird, sure to raise eyebrows. There are three Lakers on the list: Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson and Shaquille O’Neal. Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan round out the group. Besides Bird, other absentees are Hakeem Olajuwon, Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabaar.

Kareem Abdul-Jabaar: As a social critic, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar is as significant to the cultural world as he was to the NBA in his prime. In an op-ed piece titled This is the Difference Between Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders, Abdul-Jabaar makes the case for Sanders as a legitimate presidential contender and Trump as a bully sideshow. Not to be undone by one more slam, Trump responded with a tantrum about why no one in the media liked Abdul-Jabaar as a player. To which Abdul-Jabaar had the last word. “Here again he attacks a journalist who disagrees with him.”

Dwight Howard: In the stupid move of the week, he brought a gun to the airport because…??? The gun was detected in the bottom of his carry-on and he was detained and asked to explain himself of which we never really heard a cogent answer after he passed the gun off to a friend and then boarded his flight.

Mikhail Prokhorov: He is close to becoming 100% owner of the Brooklyn Nets. The move is less shrewd than it is a financial necessity. Selling the Nets was an impossible task with multiple owners, one of which was $31 million dollars in debt. Prokhorov, in full control, will be able to facilitate a deal close to the $1.5 billion that Forbes says the Brooklyn Nets are worth.

Ricky Rubio: The Timberwolves are putting the guard in trade rumors and it makes sense. The best of Rick Rubio is no longer needed in Minnesota. The Timberwolves have a bunch of ball creators and number one pick Karl Anthony Towns is an expert passer with spectacular court vision and instincts. The Wolves drafted point guard Tyus Jones and signed veteran point guard Andre Miller. With their young and athletic team, that is enough at the point guard position to get Andre Wiggins and Towns the ball, not to mention just stand there in awe and watch Zach Levine dunk. Jones and Miller are liabilities on defense but so was Rubio. Collectively, Jones and Miller are $10 million dollars cheaper.

Big Baby Davis: The still unsigned free agent had ankle surgery and is expected to be out three months. The procedure repaired torn ligaments, a cyst and a bone spur in his left ankle. The surgery was performed by Dr. Bob Anderson in Charlotte, North Carolina. The Clippers were Davis’ last employer. They signed Chuck Hayes as their 15th man on the roster, hitting the maximum, so a Davis-Clippers reunion is a no-go. Once recovered, Davis may sign in China or he may end up on a NBA roster as someone is sure to have an injury before January.


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