Morality on Vacation During 2nd Week of D. Rose Trial

The second week of testimony ended with a dramatic day on both sides of the case, the he raped me side, and the she is making it all up for money point of view. The last of the plaintiff’s witnesses took the stand. Jane’s Doe’s former boss, Tommie McCaster, told the court that the morning after the assault Jane Doe came into work and confided in him, telling him she had been raped. He gave her a referral for an attorney. The attorney’s advice was to tell the police but she wouldn’t. She didn’t want her parents to find out. McCaster described Jane Doe as “distraught”. He testified, “she actually told me she believed she was basically drugged and taken advantage of.” He repeated the claims of Jane Doe having “blacked out.” He also mentioned she had her hand wrapped which fits the narrative Jane Doe testified to as burning her hand on hot coals.

Claudia Carleo, one of Jane Doe’s roommates took the witness stand. She said her roommate was different after the alleged assault. Quieter, distant. Carleo testified that the morning after the alleged assault, Jane Doe was happy and smiling but she was also confused, asking if there were men in the apartment the night before.

Jane Doe’s second roommate took the stand. Marcela Carleo testified that Jane Doe told her indirectly what happened. She said she was vague about the details. She told her the bedroom was a mess and there were condoms on the floor as well as a bloody blanket. Marcela Carleo said that Jane Doe’s personality changed and she went to stay with her parents.

Dr. Okorie Okorocha took the stand to talk about the possible drugging of Jane Doe. He said she could have had a host of pills in her system, such as Xanas, Klonopin, Valium. But then he admitted she never had a drug screen so it is all speculation. He admitted she was intoxicated but there was no evidence she was drugged, contradicting what he said a few minutes earlier.

The defense began their case and the trial took a sudden turn. Gabriela Chavez used to be Jane Doe’s friend. Not anymore. Not after what she said on the witness said. She called Jane Doe a pathological liar. Her exact words were, “she lies about everything that comes out her mouth.” She said Jane Doe told her she wasn’t raped. That was two weeks after the assault. “I bluntly asked her if she was raped. She said no.” She also called Jane Doe greedy which fits in with the defense narrative that she willingly had sex and this trial is all about money. According to Chavez, Doe told her she was upset but not about the sex, but because Rose didn’t seem to mind that she had sex with his friends, as if she was trying to make him jealous. After that night, he didn’t call her. “Oh he didn’t even care that I slept with them”, Chavez said Jane Doe told her. But Doe’s lawyer made Chavez admit that Jane Doe never used the word “consent” when talking about sex with Rose and his friends.

Chavez also testified that Jane Doe hoped Rose would settle out of court.

Photos of Doe and Chavez partying in Vegas were shown to the jury. Chavez said Jane Doe seemed like her normal, happy go lucky self two weeks after the assault.

This was pretty brutal testimony. “She was lying so much and making everything so messy and trying to scheme and get money from Derrick. She lies to her family all the time.” It was Chavez who contacted Rose’s attorneys to tell them Jane Doe was lying.

After Chavez brought the courtroom to a funeral silence, Jayne Jones testified. She is a psychologist who interviewed Jane Doe early in the year, evaluating her for trauma. “She was not exhibiting unusual movements that would be suggestive of anxiety.”

Jones testified that Jane Doe may be an attention seeker or out for money. That Jane Doe partied two weeks after the rape was significant to Dr. Jones because Jane Doe’s claim was that she was no longer able to socialize.

The weirdest moment of the trial so far was when the judge read the three texts to the jury that the plaintiff had not disclosed to the defense. The texts were profane and sexual in nature and hearing the judge repeat the content was an awkward moment. He also instructed the jury that the plaintiff had not turned over the texts to the defense and the texts may be helpful for the defense’s case.

On Tuesday: Jane Doe is back on the stand to answer questions about the texts.