Markieff Morris Making Nice?

All it took for Markieff Morris to check his attitude at the door was a $10,000 fine levied by the NBA. Morris unprofessional attitude on social media (he specifically targeted his employers, the Phoenix Suns) took a turn for the worse this summer. But on his first day back in Phoenix, Morris wanted to turn the page. “I don’t want to talk about what I did in the summer”, Morris said. All of a sudden, “the summer” left a bad taste in his mouth, like it was some kind of raw meat he ate accidentally and then spit out. But, it was “the summer” when an unprovoked Morris claimed he wouldn’t be in camp. It was “the summer” when Morris said none of it would matter because he’d be traded out of Phoenix by the time camp started. Now Morris wants everyone to think he’s happy in Phoenix sans twin brother Marcus.

Markieff Morris took brotherly level to a different dimension when his twin brother was traded to Detroit, a trade with the specific intent to clear salary for LaMarcus Aldridge. Both brothers were livid in a way that just didn’t make sense. This is the NBA. Unless you are one of the handful of stars- and said stars have no trade clauses- then being traded is part of the life.

But to the Morris twins the trade was representative of betrayal. They had just signed new deals and in both deals they took less money so they could stay together. That was the agreement but it wasn’t put in writing. So they felt as if the Suns organization intentionally lied to them when all the Suns did was look out for themselves first. It’s the first principle of business.

“I’m looking forward to the season, not really trying to look at the past. I really want to look forward to this up-coming season. Glad to be back with my teammates and glad to be back with the team.” (Markieff Morris on Media Day)

It was as good as the Phoenix Suns brass was going to get, Markieff being the good soldier, particularly since they bungled this entire thing up. Yes, Morris acted out like a grief stricken child, but the Suns were the grown-ups here. A little triage was called for where you assess the patient, treat his wounds, bandage him up and then make his pain feel manageable. It’s not a surprise that Morris lashed out.

But is he telling the truth when he basically said all is forgiven? Or is this round one, this truce, until round two comes and Morris ups the ante? With the season already started and Morris a pivotal piece in the Suns rotation, his leverage will be the highest. Is he just waiting to slash and burn his way out of Phoenix then the way Goran Dragic did?

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