LeBron Fans Are On the Houston Rockets Bandwagon

LeBron wants to win his 4th NBA title. FOL (Fans of LeBron) want him to win that 4th title for selfish reasons.  Fans of LeBron want to end once and for all the greatest ever debate. It’s obvious LeBron is at the top of the food chain but for the non-believers 4 titles will slam the nail in the he’s not MJ door, not because 4 titles is greater than the MJ 6 titles, but everything else James does that Jordan didn’t or couldn’t do- the triple doubles, the blocks, controlling every aspect of the game- equals LeBron to Jordan, and some would say, surpasses him. That 4th title is gold.

With that as priority number one, to celebrate with the King in late June, Fans of LeBron want what Houston fans want. Both constituencies want the Rockets to finish off the Warriors, pull off the upset, redeem Mike D’Antoni, deliver Chris Paul to a place he has never been, authenticate James Harden’s MVP year. LeBron fans have no love for the Rockets outside of what a Rockets victory means.  Fans of LeBron are mercenaries. They want the kill. They are well aware that the Rockets may in fact steal James in the off season. But the Rockets in the Finals is easy pickings. It would allow James to hold up another NBA trophy.

James Harden, Chris Paul and the others aren’t enough to thwart James. They aren’t good enough defensively. They don’t have the front court help to deny James at the rim. And they go through swoons during games. LeBron tires teams out with his physicality. Sure the Rockets will make a bunch of threes. But then so will the Cavs. The Rockets aren’t the offensive tsunami that the  Warriors with their four Hall of Famers are. Trevor Ariza is hot and cold. Eric Gordon has good games here and there. Gerald Green is Gerald Green. No fear about Houston despite their home court. The Cavs have won on the road in every series.

The last time The King faced a MVP winner in the Finals, he won the Finals.

I have Warriors fatigue. The Warriors are too athletic and too skilled at the three and they are difficult to guard. The Rockets stopped them in the 4th quarter in game 4 but can they put that much of an effort in all four quarters? I don’t think so. Fans of LeBron are hoping James Harden is MVP Harden and Chris Paul takes over in the clutch and Game 5 and Game 7 are Rocket wins.

It’s helping the LeBron cause that Klay Thompson and Andre Iguodala are questionable for Game 5 in Houston which puts the pressure on Steph Curry and Kevin Durant to explode with 30+ point performances.

Houston had a big victory in Game 4 but it was an over the top response to winning on the road to even the playoff series. It was as if they won the series and were the champs. I was waiting for them to pop open the champagne.  It’s one game. It’s not everything, though it did illustrate what happens when you play defense and exhibit toughness.

Fans of LeBron are hoping the Rockets 4th quarter game 4 excellence travels.  James fans are sick and tired of the Warriors. They are tired of Steph Curry and his shimmy. They are tired of the Warriors offensive talent and defensive quickness. They are tired of the Warriors elevating their brand by dissecting Cleveland. They are tired of everything the Warriors stand for: iso-poor, success at bad shot selection, ball movement, sharing, sharing, sharing. Fans of LeBron want the Cavs to play a team they can hate and beat like Houston. They want a superstar to match up against LeBron who can’t hold a candle to LeBron on and off the court, whose image doesn’t compare. They want a coach who has never won anything and yet complains like he’s won titles. The want Gerald Green for entertainment value.

Fans of LeBron want the Rockets to beat the Warriors as the next to last chapter . Then the King and his court can beat the Rockets and close the book. It’s simple math that sounds nice except for one thing. The Cavs can beat themselves with mindless turnovers, apathetic defense and a talent drain. So be careful what you wish for.