Lakers Please Get Rid of the DeMarcus Cousins Headache

It didn’t take long. DeMarcus Cousins is reminding everyone that he was on his best behavior for Dub-Nation. But now that he is gone from Oakland, he is back to the Boogie he used to be in Sac-town.

By now it’s old news that Cousins threatened his ex. He told her he would put a bullet in her head if she didn’t allow their son to attend his wedding to Morgan Lang. In response, his ex  went to the cops and signed a warrant and Cousins now has to turn himself into the police. But he can’t. After ACL surgery doctors prefer that he doesn’t fly because of a risk of blood clots. So DeMarcus Cousins is in limbo.

From the photos published on IG, his wedding to Morgan Lang was extravagant and spectacular. But the happy times were short lived once news of the warrant for his arrest began to trend. Not to worry though. Cousins won’t spend a day in jail. He’ll plead no contest or something similar, get the slap on the wrist, be forced into anger management, and have his calls to his ex monitored by the court. And that’s that.

The NBA will come down harder than the criminal justice system. Adam Silver has a domestic violence policy that he believes in. Cousins simply cannot go around threatening to murder women because he doesn’t like what he is hearing. The threat of violence, real or not, impulsive or premeditated, is still violence. It is terrorism. The NBA will suspend Cousins whenever he suits up.

Before this latest fiasco, there was a lot of chatter about cutting Cousins and for good reason. The Lakers have no use for an injured center. They signed Dwight Howard to cover up the Cousins mistake and while Howard isn’t Cousins on his best day, he can rebound and control the paint and thank his lucky stars Cousins has a gimpy knee. Cousins is out, most likely, the entire regular season. There is no reason to hold his roster spot when the Lakers can keep a spot open for whenever Andre Iguodala is let go by the Memphis Grizzlies.

The Lakers are sensitive to domestic violence issues. Owned by Jeanie Buss, and with Linda Rambis in a high level management position, the Lakers are an example of how women can succeed in business. To enable Cousins behavior, something his previous employer did over and over again, is a wrong message to send to a city and a team that cares about the empowerment of women. The Lakers don’t need an ACL recovering Cousins. He’s irrelevant to their immediate plans. Cut him and let him go back to the Warriors as he rehabs once again.

But I don’t expect the Lakers to do that until Andre Iguodala becomes available. The Lakers are supportive of their players. Cousins can’t deny a telephone conversation that was taped. But he can beg for forgiveness and plead his case, that in a moment of high stress he was impulsive and didn’t mean it. He was just angry.

Yeah, but most of us when enraged don’t threaten assault, particularly when children are in a tug of war with parents who can’t get along. We think revenge but in ways that don’t have to do with bullets and guns. In this current climate, everyone is sensitive about gun violence and in that sense DeMarcus Cousins was tone deaf. The worst thing to say to the mother of his child was to threaten her with gun violence when gun violence is terrorizing our nation. Jeanie Buss didn’t raise DeMarcus and it’s not her place to teach him how to manage his emotions nor how to effectively co-parent. It is her place to decide what kind of organization she wants to own. Enabling loose cannons like Cousins is a bad look and one she’ll regret long term.