LeBron and Steph: Year Three

Hello Trilogy

It feels like Steph fatigue and LeBron is back to the best of everything. Has the perception of both players changed in year three?

C.J. Hampshire:  Let me quote my girl, Judge Judy. Don’t pee on my leg and say it’s raining.  We all saw it. LeBron had that block and Steph had those missed shots.  What makes sports sports is we remember what we saw last and what we saw last was LeBron at his greatest of all time best. Steph came up small. Or tired. Or injured. It doesn’t matter. LBJ got the last word.

Brendan Gillespie: LeBron hasn’t changed. Steph hasn’t changed. We changed. We trashed our Steph infatuation because game 7 showed us. Then in Dec. Steph was benched because of defense.

Mallory Stith-Wheat: Steph and Chauncey Billups have the same Finals record, 1-1. It’s not shame. LeBron is top-5 to ever play.

Julian Billick: Yawn. It’s not a rivalry. Steph can’t compete with LeBron. They don’t do the same thing. They don’t play the same position. Both have their fans and both have their haters. LeBron is the best. Steph is third or fourth.

“I’ve never been afraid of big moments. I get butterflies. I get nervous and anxious, but I think those are all good signs that I’m ready for the moment.” (Steph Curry)

Steph or LeBron, whose team is more interesting this postseason?

Mallory: LeBron. But only when he froze up. It was LeBron from the past. It shook everybody. It made the Cavs appear vulnerable, privy to LeBron’s emotional whims.

C.J.: For the time being, the Cavs are the story. Their Big Three have to come through all the time then here comes Deron Williams reminding us that yes he was a great player once.

Julian: Steph.  His brand of basketball makes up for the pathetic dullness foisted upon us. Steph is as much an entertainer as Magic Johnson was. That’s what I want to watch during these impossible brain hurting games.

Brendan: It is still all about LeBron. When the Warriors added Durant, that kind of took some air out of the Curry balloon..

We have Warriors-Cavs. Happy?

Mallory: Yes. But I don’t think it decides who is better. Kyrie, K-Love didn’t play #1. Dray missed game 5 in #2. If anything we’ll see what KD has pumping in his chest.

C.J.: Tired of watching horrible basketball. Yes. It’s good to see talent. You can only take so much Jae Crowder.

Brendan: Someone is always absent. The trilogy is far from perfect. Luckily, it’s not a player but a coach.

Julian: It is the third year in a row and each year the story has some palace intrigue. Year one the Cavs injuries. Year two Dray’s suspension. Year three…Kevin Durant. So. Yes.

“I’m LeBron James from Akron, Ohio. From the inner city. I’m not even supposed to be here.” (LeBron James)

Steph redemption?

Mallory: No because Steph didn’t lose the series. He wasn’t 100% but I don’t think he was so bad he has to redeem his performance.

Julian: Steph is responsible because he’s the leader. The Warriors go because of him and frankly his leadership was terrible.

C.J.: Remember when people were talking about Steph taking something away from ‘Bron? Not so much.

Brendan: LeBron outplayed Steph in both Finals. Frankly, Steph in the Finals has been pretty mediocre. If it’s not redemption, then its proving he can get it done on the big stage

What do you make of KD’s excuse in advance about losing.

Mallory:   It was weak. Trying to prepare his psyche for when he loses. Also LeBron shade. When he lost to Mavs, he didn’t leave his house

C.J.:  I get the point. Basketball isn’t his life. Other things matter. But he’s being paid to compete hard. No way you compete, lose and you don’t feel it. I guarantee you LeBron still feels losing to the Mavs, Kobe feels losing to the Celtics, Doc Rivers was so devastated by the Lakers winning he covered up their banners. Like I said, don’t pee on my leg and say it’s raining.

Brendan:  Okay. Whatever.

Julian:  If Durant loses, he will not have made the Warriors worse. They lost when they were 73-9.  He’s trying to back off of pressure but he burned bridges in OKC for this moment. Don’t run.

photo via llananba