Jason Kidd is Back

After a month absence from the sidelines as the head coach of the Milwaukee Bucks, and ahead of schedule, Jason Kidd is returning to his job next week. Hip surgery caused Kidd to miss 15 games and in his absence, interim coach, Bucks assistant, Joe Prunty, kept the ship afloat. Prunty was 8-7 with wins over the 76ers, Pacers, Timberwolves, Mavericks, Bulls, Hawks, Hornets and Heat. That the Bucks had success over playoff teams is an encouraging sign that they can dig out of the hole they put themselves in with their cover-your-eyes awful offense and apathetic defense. There is not one thing the Bucks have done consistently well this year which is why they have the 3rd worst record in the East.

Jason Kidd’s return means stability. Marc Stein of ESPN first reported his return.

“Kidd who underwent surgery shortly before Christmas, plans to return next week-ahead of schedule- as the Bucks return from a four game road trip that still has stops Friday and Saturday in Houston and New Orleans.”

The Bucks have won three games in a row, their longest streak of their year since they won four straight games in early November. When Kidd returns, he faces a playoff team in Memphis, and teams fighting for the playoffs in Sacramento, Utah and Portland, all on the road.

The Bucks have a long way to go before thinking about the playoffs. First, they need consistency on both ends of the floor. While Greg Monroe has given them 15.8 points and 9.8 rebounds, their efficiency on the defensive end has suffered. The Bucks struggle contesting shots, two point shots or three point shots, it doesn’t matter. They are an awful rebounding team, third worst. It’s no surprise they are the third worst team in the east.

Can they turn it around if they go on a six or seven game winning streak? Yes. Have the Bucks consistently displayed the habits of a team able to win multiple games in a row? No. Is having Jason Kidd back the first step?


photo via llananba