Erase Steph Off Your MVP Board

Steph Curry broke his hand in a game that was an embarrassment. All you need to know was the Phoenix Suns went on a 38-4 run.  Curry’s exit was one more low point in a catastrophic season. The once upon a time champions are hard to watch even after downing a few beers. It wasn’t that long ago when Warriors owner Joe Lacob called the Warriors, as an organization, light years ahead of every other NBA organization. The thing is it’s easy to be arrogant when you have elite talent. Those days have disappeared. How do you know? The Warriors were forced to play zone defense in OKC because of their personnel. These Warriors are painful to watch.

Before the hand break thing Curry wasn’t lighting up arenas with his play. The worst defensive rating of his career coupled with 23% 3-point shooting erased all the blind optimism that Curry would blow the league up and carry the Warriors to 40 wins. Not so much.  It seems that Curry accepted his fate which was a bad sign. Curry needed to damn all the haters who saw the Warriors opening night and lost all hope. Curry had to want to prove something. But the 3-time champion played his game and fit it into the offense and the Warriors were destroyed in OKC, then beat a tired and young Pelicans team. On Wednesday, they couldn’t handle the new look offensively talented Suns who ran them off the floor in the first quarter.

The broken hand was a Curry blessing. It means his name doesn’t have to be associated with the mess in San Francisco. Yes, he will be back but by then they dust will have settled and the Warriors will be figuring out how to push D’Angelo Russell out the door for draft picks.

Russell was an emotional get. He doesn’t fit the Warriors space the floor and shoot threes system.  Russell is a quality pick and roll point guard. Except. The Warriors don’t pick and roll. That they gave Russell $27 million, $28 million, $30 million and $31 million reeked of a Kevin Durant hangover. Also, they gave Brooklyn a number one pick in 2020, protected 1-20, which the Warriors are now giving themselves high-fives over. They are a top 5 lottery team who gets to keep their 2020 pick.

Steph’s sister Sydel Curry-Lee wasn’t happy with the SF fans watching the disaster. She tweeted: Look the Warriors are what they are and that is what it is…but CHASE fans, y’all gotta do better. They brought it within 12 & 3/4 of y’all were waiting for Bart. Not okay. And definitely not Oracle. (BART is the SF/Oakland transit system).

Oracle fans were ride and die. But in San Francisco it is a work in progress. Fans aren’t sure what to do. As for the injury, one man’s sorrow is another man’s moment. D’Angelo Russell is even more important. It’s time for Kerr to put in some pick and roll sets. Oddly, Russell will play well with the Warriors no-names. He will go for it night after night, and his demeanor will be perfect. No champion to put down the kids who are just learning. It’s a perfect situation if you have to have a nightmare and this is it. A nightmare.

Once KD left the Bay the popular opinion was that Steph was going to go crazy and throw up insane numbers. And then when Michael Jordan dissed him, it ratcheted up all of the Curry is coming for you dramatics. But Curry struggled with his shot and his demeanor was oddly patient. He wasn’t going to force his name and his game down anyone’s throat. The broken hand is a setback for sure but not a funeral.