Drafting Bargnani, Burner Accounts and Getting Punked By Ainge: Why Colangelo Is A Gross Exec

Bryan Colangelo is on the hot seat and the fact that he may lose his job over some Twitter nonsense is like Al Capone going to jail for tax evasion and O.J. going to jail for trying to get stolen stuff back. Twitter isn’t the Colangelo crime but it will be what takes him down.

Bryan Colangelo, his wife, or “others” thought it was cool to activate five burner accounts and then spill privileged info while throwing all kinds of shade at Sixers employees. It’s enough of a breach of trust that it deserves punishment because of Colangelo’s position within the Sixers organization. But at least let the punishment fit the crime. In the grand scheme of things, those whose feelings are hurt over Colangelo’s opinions will get over it with a mea culpa and Colangelo groveling, begging and going away for six months. He can be stripped of everything having to do with social media. Send him to his corner and let him return after public shame and about ten sessions with a shrink.

Tweeting inappropriate opinions when he could have saved it for a memoir or for friends over a beer was reckless, as if he wanted to get caught. But there are worse things executives have done. There are worse things Bryan Colangelo has done.

If Colangelo gets fired it shouldn’t be because he has a social media addiction he couldn’t break even after Kevin Durant got caught doing the very same thing Colangelo was doing behind everyone’s back. Yes, he’s a sneak. But while that may say something about his ability to adult while on the job it isn’t why he should be fired.

Markelle Fultz is on his team and Jayson Tatum isn’t. What more evidence is there for a firing?

One spent his rookie year in the training room trying to heal and the other was in the Eastern Conference Finals, playing 35 minutes.

It’s not that Colangelo dropped the ball in the draft. Other executives have done the same thing. Anthony Bennett was a GM’s mistake (David Griffin). But what is sobering about Colangelo is that he drafted Andreas Bargnani in 2006 with the number one pick and 11 years later he drafted Markelle Fultz. Did he not learn anything? Can he really be trusted to build a conference champion?

When Colangelo drafted Andreas Bargnani and then Bargnani was mediocre garbage, Brian Colangelo wasn’t punished because no one in the top-5 of the 2006 draft was any good either. The number two pick was LaMarcus Aldridge. He has had a good career but not an elite one and has never been in a conference final. Adam Morrison and Tyus Thomas were busts of epic proportions. Shelden Williams was more famous as a husband married to Candace Parker than his meager NBA career demonstrated. Colangelo was able to hide his draft incompetence until he had to draft again.

Drafting Fultz number one wasn’t the horror. It was allowing Danny Ainge to manipulate who the 76ers drafted. Ainge pretended he loved Fultz when all along he wanted Tatum. The 76ers bit. They made the trade, drafted Fultz and soon enough had egg on their face.

Colangelo’s job is to evaluate players and come to a consensus about their ability to have elite talent the Sixers can develop.

When he was the GM of the Raptors, years after drafting Bargnani, Colangelo said:

In this business you are certainly judged by results, but I’ve always believed that you are never as bad as they say and equally never as good as they say. Every decision is justifiable at the time but the outcomes of those decisions are not always in your control as there are far too many variables that can skew results. (Bryan Colangelo)

It sounds a lot like don’t blame me when sh*t happens. But he is the person at the top whose position demands he is the one who is accountable. So if he isn’t responsible for his decisions, then exactly who is? This isn’t some kumbaya moment where we are all holding hands. It’s profit or loss.

Loss is probably where this soap opera saga is heading with Colangelo being replaced and all because he lacked impulse control. In real life those who lack impulse control wind up in jail. In sports, they lose their jobs only to resurface years later.

Everyone is clowning Colangelo but totally ignoring his real crime. If you want to really punish Colangelo bar him from drafting anyone ever again. Throw a lifetime draft ban on him.