Derrick Rose: “It Looked Like A Set Up.”

Derrick Rose was back on the witness stand on the third day of trial. He gave details of the two sexual encounters with Jane Doe, one at his Beverly Hills rental house and one at her house where the alleged assault took place. He described Jane Doe’s behavior as a participant. “When I went into her room she told me to shut the door”, Rose testified. He also testified that Jane Doe told him and his co-defendants to come into the room one at a time, meaning she was lucid about what was going on and she was in charge. Rose said when he went into her room he was caught up by her beauty. He repeated what his attorney claimed in opening arguments that in NBA rookie camp he was told to flush a condom down the toilet just in case a woman was up to no good.

He was adamant about this: “If I’m in a room with her and she tells me no, no is no. I’m never going to force myself on anyone.”

Rose testified that in the very beginning a setup did cross his mind. Jane Doe said she was so out of it at his party that she actually touched fire pit coals and burned her hands. That made no sense to Rose. “She would have called the paramedics. I would have heard of it. It felt like that was suspicious. It turned out to be what I thought. ” He later testified, “I knew something was up.”

The only time Derrick Rose seemed a little bit testy was when Jane Doe’s attorney mentioned his mother in a sarcastic way, then Rose said, “Was that a joke? Don’t play on my Mom like that.”

Earlier in the morning, the judge said he was seriously considering a mistrial because of crucial evidence Jane Doe didn’t turn over to the defense. At question are three text messages in which Jane Doe organizes a threesome encounter with her friend, a masseuse, who is to testify later in the trial. Jane Doe had previously denied she ever participated in such a sexual arrangement. The text messages speak to her credibility, and hiding them from the defense is misconduct.

It gives, “credence to the allegations which are now being made by the defense”, the judge remarked. Specifically that the accuser lied. The judge told Jane Doe’s attorney to present evidence that shows they gave the texts to the defense. He is expected to rule on the mistrial motion tomorrow.

In the afternoon session, Randall Hampton, a co-defendant, testified. He is Rose’s childhood friend and is paid by Adidas. He is also Rose’s personal assistant. He referred to Rose as a “brother”, a “best friend.” He described a poolside sexual encounter at Rose’s house with Jane Doe in which Rose testified he was also a participant. Jane Doe denies this ever happened; she said she blacked out. Hampton testified it wasn’t strange having sex with Rose’s girlfriend because she wasn’t Rose’s girlfriend. “It was a sex relationship if it was a relationship.” He was adamant it was consensual sex at Jane Doe’s apartment.

Tomorrow: Mistrial hearing. Toxicologist.


photo via llananba