Derrick Rose Laughing At the Bulls?

The Bulls are in full blow the house up mode with players turning on each other. What do you think Derrick Rose is thinking now? The Bulls were arrogantly excited to unload him because Jimmy Butler was their franchise player and DRose had become exhausting. Windy City karma, maybe?

C.J. Hampshire: Hell, yeah karma. This is what the Bulls deserve. Let’s start with the crimes. They stabbed Thibs in the back for their guy Hoiberg who has proven nothing in two seasons. He can’t control the players on this team. Last year, Jimmy Butler unloaded on him to the media. It’s Butler’s m.o. Now he does it again. The moment they made the deal for Rondo I knew it was over. Rondo was going to Rondo the Bulls.

Brendan Gillespie: Rose is looking pretty good right now. He wasn’t the perfect leader and he could pout and be sullen but he never went Jimmy Butler rogue on his teammates. The Knicks haven’t had a perfect season but Rose has been the best thing they have going. The Bulls can’t blame Rose for their issues.

Mallory Stith-Wheat: You know how it is when you miss a car accident by a lucky swerve of the wheel. That’s Rose. He got out just in time and it’s not that he doesn’t have Knicks drama but nothing like this.

Julian Billick: The best thing that happened to Rose was getting him away from Jimmy Butler. Rose has the high road. He can laugh at their mess. And this is the thing that is really sweet. Behind the scenes, the Bulls were always leaking some anti-Rose story so payback is a b___.

Jimmy Butler wasn’t apologetic and frankly is kind of proud of what he did. And then he goes out and makes one shot in the entire game. Better write a check your a** can cash, right?

Mallory: Yeah, that wasn’t one of his highlights. If he’s going to throw everyone under the bus then he damn well better man up and back it up. He looks weak. And like a bully.

C.J.: I laughed. It reminded me of Kobe saying, better put on your big boy pants. I like Butler as a player. I love his aggressiveness. But he has a lot to learn about leadership. It’s not about being a dictator and telling your teammates, f____  you, give me the ball. It’s about them wanting to follow you.

Julian: It wasn’t that Butler couldn’t throw a pea in the ocean against the lottery bound Heat who had no business winning in Chicago. It is that the team looked dispirited, shell shocked, out of it, not interested in competing. That’s on Butler and Wade. They are responsible.

Brendan: It’s a tough place for Jimmy because he is new at this. You have to remember, he wasn’t one of those phenom AAU guys. He went to Marquette. He is learning leadership on the fly. Just from a personality angle, he is a fighter. Look he won. He fought Rose for the job as franchise player and the team got Rose out of there. But what he still has to learn is the second part, the helping players get to the place you need them to get to and you don’t do that by shaming them in front of the media. They are men.

The Bulls not starting Wade and Butler and coming out with that ridiculous statement of that is not what the organization stands for felt forced. It came two days after, once it all went viral. It felt like the Bulls had to get on the right side of P.R., they had to protect Hoiberg who is soft. It is not like they have a shred of integrity.

Julian: We don’t have to go into all the ways the Bulls front office have thrown people under the bus. It was ridiculous what they did. Benching Butler and Wade was meaningless. Upset at them, then you suspend them so they lose money.

C.J.: Whatever Gar Forman. Since you 86’d Tom Thibodeau the Bulls are a .500 team, 65-65. Yawn. You fail.

Brendan: The Bulls are trying to save face and act like they have control of this sinking ship. It is full fledged mutiny. Rondo doesn’t care. Wade wants out. And Butler thinks he can do what he wants because he can drop 40.

Mallory: The coach is wrong for this team. Too many high strung competitive alpha males and not enough followers, not enough people who want to listen. Hoiberg is over his head. The Thibs firing has been a catastrophe.

Bulls and the playoffs?

C.J.: No. They are a wreck but they are not boring so at least they will have people talking.

Brendan: Yes, the 8th seed and then they will be swept.

Julian: No and it gets worse next year. They won’t have Rondo and Wade but is Jimmy Butler making friends. Who is going to want to play with him?

Mallory: If they get Wade out of there and make a trade, possibly. Wade is a 42% shooter. Forget the 19 points, he is having the worst offensive year of his career, the worst shooting percentage, the worst assists, the lowest PER since his rookie year. His plus/minus is -2.5. He is killing the Bulls.