Derrick Rose Is Late, Accuser Is Grilled

The key defendant in the gang rape trial of Derrick Rose was late. Derrick Rose waltzed into the courtroom some forty minutes after Jane Doe’s testimony started, a strange beginning. It could have been strategic, a way to shake up the accuser who was on the stand. Or, it could have been accidental. Nevertheless, it was a bad look in front of the jury, as if he didn’t care enough to be on time while his other co-defendants, Randall Hampton and Ryan Allen were present.

On the witness stand and crying frequently, the accuser talked about going to Derrick Rose’s apartment and having drinks. She was nervous because it was the first time she had seen him since they broke up and nerves caused her to drink before leaving her house. But she believes she was drugged. At his house she burned her hand on some fire pit coals. She needed help getting into the cab at Rose’s Beverly Hills rental house. The cab driver had to help her to the door. She vomited once inside. Then went to bed. But the actual rape was fuzzy to her, not many details.

“I had never felt like that before. I never blacked out.” She talked about going into her room and feeling sick. The room was spinning.

Rose’s attorney, Mark Baute, questioned her about her blackouts. She was lucid enough to write text messages with periods at the end of sentences during her blackouts, he reminded her. He also didn’t believe her timeline, that it took her two hours to get from Rose’s Beverly Hills house to her apartment.

“I had these second flashes. I don’t remember. I recall waking up and seeing they were in my room.”

Jane Doe recalled being in her room and a naked Rose pulling her towards him while she resisted. When she was asked by her attorney, Waukeen McCoy, what she told him and the other co-defendants about having sex, she said, “No.” But she also said, “I don’t remember going to bed. My dress was around my neck. There was lubricant on my legs and everywhere.”

Under cross examination, Mark Baute reminded her of the text messages she sent to Rose, asking him to come over. She gave him her address but not her apartment number. He asked her, “At any point during the sex did you say no, stop.” She testified that she didn’t remember. “At any point during the sex did you say stop the rape?” She said she didn’t recall. “In texts or in phone calls, did you ever tell Derrick Rose he had raped you?”


She also admitted under cross she didn’t have a rape kit, a pregnancy test or a STD test.

The next morning, she testified she was scared and embarrassed. She didn’t tell the cops, she testified, because she didn’t want anyone to go to jail. She didn’t want to be responsible.

Rose’s attorney asked, “You didn’t want to be responsible for inviting someone over for sex at 3 am and accusing them of rape?”

The stress of the alleged rape caused her to lose her job because she couldn’t focus. She told her roommate and a co-worker Derrick Rose raped her.

On cross examination, Jane Doe admitted she didn’t watch Derrick Rose, the NBA player, trying to distance herself from the impression that she is a NBA groupie, particularly since a text regarding a NBA player believed to be Nick Young was mentioned.

A text from Rose to Jane Doe: “Would I be wrong to ask for you to bring one of your girls to come spend the night with me tonight?” Doe explained Rose was referring to a masseuse.

Another text was read. It was sent the morning of the alleged assault. This one from Jane Doe to Rose where she wrote she wakes up horny. Jane Doe agreed that was what she wrote.

Another text was read in which Jane Doe asks Rose if he wants her to bring ecstasy and or pot to the party and he says no. She admits she never saw him use substances.

In her deposition, Jane Doe said she went to sleep for 40 minutes when she came home.

“You took a cat nap when you got back to your place for 40 minutes right?”

Jane Doe: “I went to sleep.”

Mark Baute. “In your deposition you said 40 minutes.”

“I don’t recall.”

Rose’s attorney: “What were you going to do at 4 am?”, referring to the invite for Rose and his friends to come over.

“Watch a movie or just go to sleep, communicate or talk.”

“Or have sex.”

More cross examination tomorrow by counsel for Rose’s co-defendants.


photo via llananba