DeAndre Who? (No Whiteside Love)

Hassan Whiteside has no love for DeAndre Jordan nor his game. Whiteside threw some serious shade at Jordan when he said all Jordan does is dunk and catch lobs, implying that what he, Whiteside, does is so much more. But here is the truth of all of it. What Hassan Whiteside does in a game has to be so much more because there is no Chris Bosh and there is no Dwyane Wade. He is discovering how hard it is when there is one elite talent on the team and that talent doesn’t have the ball in his hands. Whiteside said, “I shoot jumpers, catch lobs, block shots. I do a lot. He [Jordan] just catches lobs. He has CP3 as a point guard.” That last dismissal of Jordan neatly squashed within a CP3 reference reeks of jealousy and a passive-aggressive way of saying the dudes on my team are way down the talent ladder. In other words, I have to do more than just stand there and wait. Jordan can coast. I have to make us win.

He is right in that respect. Whiteside does have to do more. If he was on the Clippers would his role be Jordan-esque? Not exactly. He has more offensive game than Jordan. If D.J. was on the Heat would he average nearly 18 points a game as Whiteside does? Probably not. More like 14 points.

Jordan has been in the league 9 years. 82.3% of his shots have never sailed longer than three feet. 16% of his shots are from a distance of 3-10 feet. On those 3-10 foot shots,Jordan has made a nice percentage, 45.1%. But he just doesn’t take enough of them consistently for that part of the floor to be considered his sweet spot. Dunking is Jordan’s sweet spot.

This is Whiteside’s third year with the Heat. 49.7% of his shots are within three feet. 34.2% are 3-10 feet. He has established himself as a big who can step out and hit a jumper. He fits perfectly in this modern era. Whiteside is shooting 48.1% on catch and shoot jumpers. Jordan hasn’t attempted a catch and shoot jumper this season and probably won’t all year long. It is not his game. It is not his specialty. That Whiteside is pointing out what we all know from watching D.J. for years, that Jordan is limited offensively and in n that regard, Whiteside is better, reeks of redundancy.

More data. Whiteside takes 13.7 shots per game while Jordan takes 6.8 shots. Whiteside averages more offensive rebounds, more defensive rebounds, more blocks, a higher PER, a higher usage rate, a slightly better defensive rating than Jordan. Whiteside is a two-way player while Jordan is a dominant defensive player with average offensive skills. You can’t trust D.J. to go and get you a basket like you can Whiteside.

Neither player is as good as DeMarcus Cousins.

Whiteside may be an All-Star this year if his team’s record is overlooked. Every year around All-Star time Jordan is overlooked because of better offensive centers in the west, Marc Gasol and DeMarcus Cousins.

When DeAndre is at the rim, players take an average of 7 shots and shoot 41%. When Whiteside is at the rim, players take an average of 9.7 shots and shoot 44%. Players and teams fear Jordan more than they fear Whiteside.

Whiteside grabs 62% of the defensive rebounds he goes after while Jordan grabs 74.1% of the rebounds. Jordan is more athletic than Whiteside and Jordan is the luckier player. He has a team of All-Stars. He has an explosive power forward. He doesn’t have the pressure Whiteside does.

Whiteside tried to walk back his shade by tweeting: Stop trying to look for a story @deandrejordan6 my guy he one of the top center in the league top 3 rebounders and really good on defense

Blaming the media for something he started in the first place put a comical spin in the middle of this story that will take on a half way rivalry feel when the two matchup tonight. The Clippers will probably win. Whiteside might go 26 and 18 while DeAndre has 12 and 15 and that will be that.


photo via llananba