Corey Brewer Has a Job While Carmelo and J.R. Wait

The 76ers are in need of scoring outside the paint and so they signed Corey Brewer who doesn’t score outside the paint. Brewer hadn’t been with a team this season and the Sixers signed him to a 10-day contract. The 12 year veteran is known for his defense. He played 54 games with the Lakers last season and then was traded to OKC. He is an experienced wing who can defend but has a 28% 3-point resume. At best, he will fill up holes in the 76ers defense but won’t affect much on the offensive side of the ball.

Two players who can have an offensive impact, though, Carmelo Anthony and J.R. Smith, are still lurking out there in never never land. Both can score in bunches.

Melo at this stage of the game can drain threes and is sort of functional in the midrange. J.R. is a 3-point scorer. With the league being about offense, particular the three point shot, it’s a surprise that neither one of them are on someone’s roster. There are a lot of young teams that need veteran help.

J.R. is the easier fit because he’s always been a role player and doesn’t expect to come in and be anyone’s star. But he needs elite talent to play off of. Melo is a different story. He struggles with his old self and his new game and can’t quite get it in his head that the old Melo is gone. He’s made enough money. He doesn’t have to play. But if his mind is right, he can offer a team scoring off the bench.

Other Players Out of the NBA Loop:

Michael Carter-Williams. Rookie of the Year’s are rarely busts but Carter-Williams is in and out of town so fast, just write his name in pencil so you can erase it. These are the Carter-Williams teams: Philadelphia, Milwaukee, Chicago, Charlotte, Houston.  Six years. Five teams. But the amount of teams he has been on doesn’t really matter if a team thinks he can help. The problem is MCW can’t shoot or defend so he has very little value to a team unless it is to clear someone’s salary.

Aaron Afflalo. The 11 year veteran has value behind the three point line but the question has to do with his quickness. Can he guard his position? From what I saw in Orlando last year, no.

Tony Allen. If Corey Brewer, a defensive player, can get a job, why can’t Allen whose career was based on making life miserable for wing players. Because he is 37 years old perhaps.

Darrell Arthur. He’s only 30 years old. He’s a 6-9 scoring forward who can actually put the ball in the hole. He’s kind of soft in the physicality department- a finesse player- he doesn’t rebound but if you need buckets, then yeah, he’s the guy.

Omer Asik. The Turkish seven footer has zero polish to his game except he is seven feet tall. He is a body. His footwork is something altogether different. Big men are making a comeback vs. small ball and the death lineup, so why not throw him out there for a few minutes to rebound and take fouls.

Tarik Black. Need some hustle points, someone to come in and rebound? Bang a few bodies and deliver putbacks? Black is your guy. His last team was the Houston Rockets, 2017-18. He is currently playing in Israel. High IQ, low drama player.

Andrew Bogut. Another seven footer. He has a lot of passion but a broken body. Bogut has a ring but injuries have changed his career. He’s playing in Australia.

Trevor Booker. He brings hustle and energy and want-to every night. A backup for doing the little things around the rim, getting into scrapes and shoves and being tough on the court. The writing was on the wall last year when he played for three teams: Brooklyn, Philly and Indiana. He is currently playing in China.