Anthony Davis Lost $24 Million Today and No One Feels Sorry for Him

It doesn’t matter how bad your day was, Anthony Davis day pretty much sucked. It’s been a bad year for Davis who was supposed to break out this year and do some special things. He had a good season for anyone else, but for Anthony Davis this season felt like an underachievement. He averaged 24.3 points and 10.3 rebounds, which is nothing new. But his blocked shots were way down. Davis had a career high last season of 2.9 blocks per game. It was 2.0 blocks this year. He had a career high of 2.0 turnovers in 2015-16. His shooting dipped to a career low 49.3%. And he was on a miserable team that played zero defense, looked disinterested, played with guards who didn’t give Davis the ball late and he didn’t demand the ball either. A playoff team in 2014-15, the Pelicans couldn’t tread water this year.

Accordingly, Anthony Davis was left off the All-NBA First, Second and Third Teams. There were two many forwards who a) led their teams to the playoffs and, b) had great years.

  • LeBron James: 25.3 points, 52.0%, 7.4 rebounds, Real Plus-Minus Rank (#1)
  • Kawhi Leonard: 21.2 points, 50.6%, 6.8 rebounds, Real Plus-Minus Rank (#5)
  • Kevin Durant: 28.2 points, 50.5%, 8.2 rebounds, Real Plus-Minus Rank (#8)
  • Draymond Green: 14.0 points, 49.0%, 9.5 rebounds, Real Plus-Minus Rank (#2)
  • Paul George: 23.1 points, 41.8%, 7.0 rebounds, Real Plus-Minus Rank (#12)
  • LaMarcus Aldridge: 18.0 points, 51.3%, 8.5 rebounds, Real Plus-Minus Rank (#53)

Anthony Davis had the worst Real Plus-Minus rank of all the players who made the first, second or third team at 74. And he didn’t lead his team to the playoffs which is the one measure of a leader, the ability to make others better and carry them to the post-season.

When the GM’s voted Anthony Davis as the one player they wanted to start a team with right now they based it on his rebounding and shot blocking and his shot making. The once upon a time guard who is now a forward has incredible range on the floor. In 2014-15, he led the league in blocks, blocks per game, field goals made inside the three point line. He had a PER of 30.89. Only Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, LeBron James and Steph Curry had higher PER’s.

Ultimately, the Pelicans performance cost Anthony Davis $24 million. Had he been voted on one of the All-NBA teams he would have gotten a fatter check. It’s a bad day when you lose that much money or that’s what Davis accountant and agent are feeling right about now.

All of it because of a caveat in the CBA. If a player is voted onto the All-Star team by the fans twice during his rookie contract or if he is the league MVP once or if he makes the first, second or third All-NBA team twice, then he gets a bonus. It’s known as the Derrick Rose rule.

No one’s crying for Anthony Davis though who will make $121 million off of this new 5 year deal. He just had a really bad day at the office. $24 million in the hole bad.

Rich people problems.


photo via by llananba