Andrew Wiggins Last Chance Is Now

Andrew Wiggins, the former Rookie of the Year, the former number one pick, has done nothing but make everyone hate his game. It is not because he has no game. But because his game is like average guy who can make shots from time to time but wants no part of leading a team anywhere. Andrew Wiggins can’t lead a team anywhere. In theory, it shouldn’t matter because Karl-Anthony Towns is the face of the Wolves franchise. But Wiggins received a max contract based on his potential. Night in and night out he makes Glen Taylor look like a fool. You don’t know what Wiggins is going to give you. You can’t pencil him in.

After five years in the NBA, Andrew Wiggins is more role player than star, and often he is an afterthought. The problem is Andrew Wiggins is being paid as a star. Eventually, it’s all going to blow up.

The Wolves made the playoffs in 2018 because of Jimmy Butler.  After Jimmy Butler was traded, the Wolves couldn’t compete. There were games of excellence and there were games of being in a coma.  In the midst of it all, Andrew Wiggins was missing in action. The wait for him to finally show up and have a career is five years going on six.

Last year, Wiggins offensive rating of 100 was lower than Derrick Rose, Tyus Jones, Anthony Tolliver, Gorgiu Deng, Robert Covington. His defense rating was similarly atrocious for a five year vet. There are two questions that cannot be ignored. When is Wiggins going to live up to his potential? And when are the Timberwolves going to get fed up?

Crazy idea but what about putting Andrew Wiggins on the bench until he gets his head and game together? So what if Glen Taylor went against his instincts and paid Wiggins more than his value and worth. Wiggins plays like a bench player. How about this. Take Wiggins off the Wolves and put Lou Williams of the Clippers in. Both average the same amount of points but Lou Williams, a bench player most of his career, has never had an offensive rating of 101. That’s a rating for offensive scrubs, ball hogs, and iso players who hold the ball too long and know nothing about playing the game. Does Wiggins understand the NBA game and his place in it? It would be a compliment to say he is a system player but that would indicate there is a system he is attached to ala James Harden. Wiggins isn’t that skilled.

His motor has always been the issue. It hovers around empty. Aggressiveness is a dirty Andrew Wiggins word. So how long can the Wolves keep this experiment going? Are the Wolves getting less because Wiggins is condoning mediocrity? It’s a virus.

When will Wiggins decide he is the problem? That he is accountable to the person he sees in the mirror every morning. That he wants to be a top player and not an overpaid joke of a player who lacks consistency.

The Wolves will go as far as Wiggins will take them. He’s not their best player but he is their most important player. His enablers feeding his ego and telling him his game is solid is reductive though. Wiggins is holding on to all that talent and not letting it shine. He is cheating the game. He is cheating the Wolves. And more importantly Andrew Wiggins is cheating himself.  And us.