Accuser’s Friend Testifies, Time Is Becoming an Issue

The much talked about masseuse named Kendra took the stand today. Jessica “Kendra'” Goff testified that she attended the party with Jane Doe and had an encounter with Rose’s friend Ryan Allen. She testified that she was looking for Jane Doe and peeked into Rose’s bedroom as the party was going on at Rose’s Beverly Hills rental house. Jane Doe wasn’t in Derrick Rose’s bedroom but Rose was (Allen testified he was watching Fresh Prince of Bel-Air). So was Allen. Kendra testified that Allen told her, “F___ talking, take off your clothes.” Naturally offended, Kendra and Allen got into a verbal confrontation. “I felt very disrespected. We both started arguing. That’s when I was like ‘ok time to go'” Goff testified.

Her recollections of that night was of a very drunk friend, a woman she met the year before. She described Jane Doe as inebriated and recounted her touching the hot fire coals as how wasted she was. Goff didn’t witness Doe having sex on the cabana with Randall Hampton or the lap dances that Allen and Hampton testified that Jane Doe doled out, or the sex with Jane Doe, Rose and Hampton.

She also was shocked to hear that Jane Doe asked for Ecstasy upon entering the party. She testified she had never seen Jane Doe use drugs. She testified that if Jane Doe sent a test asking if their was ecstasy at the party then Jane Doe was lying. She also refuted Jane Doe’s text to Rose before the party stating she was going to have the driver take her to a girl-on-girl sex store on the way to the Beverly Hills house.

Ms.Goff testified after Ryan Allen completed his testimony.

Allen  repeated that Jane Doe wasn’t drugged or intoxicated. He also said he didn’t save his condom because “My and Derrick’s social status is very different. So I think the desire for his condom is a lot higher than my condom.” When asked how did he know Jane Doe was pleasured by the experience he said, “Do you want to hear the sound?” Judge Fitzgerald said no. Allen continued, “When we finished I actually kissed her on the forehead when I left, I said see you soon. She was never unconscious.”

One of the looming issues for the plaintiff is time. They have less than two hours to fully present their case. They provided the court with a 16 hour time window of testimony and have logged almost 14 hours with several witnesses still waiting to testify.


photo via llananba