About Us

The Committed Generation is a NBA news magazine featuring daily columns, breaking stories, profiles, editorials, current topics and in depth coverage of the National Basketball Association. We are a community of writers who share stories. We are a community of writers with independent voices immersed in the habits and practices of  professional basketball. We write what we think, see, observe, have opinions about as it pertains to news and highlights. Players being ridiculously inane and ridiculously brilliant, teams screwing up drafts, rosters and personnel, and then turning around and doing the most amazing thing (or not…Lakers….76ers) peak our interest. By intent, our writers cover multiple perspectives, players, athletes and teams as they chronicle competition, performance, victory and loss, athletic issues, social issues, racial issues, losing issues, winning issues, retirement issues, championship issues.

We are guided by this rule: Unless you puke, faint, or die, Keep Going!