5 Who Will Be Traded

Michael Carter-Williams: The Bucks have been trying to get rid of the former Rookie of the Year since last January but no takers. No takers until now, according to ESPN. Carter-Williams will be in Chicago, a deal that will finalized by Monday, according to the Chicago Tribune. The knock on Carter-Williams? He can’t shoot worth a lick. He’s made 51 three point shots in two years. He makes questionable decisions with the ball. A Hall of Fame point guard, one of the smartest in league history, Jason Kidd, could not get him to evolve. It’s embarrassing that the Bucks thought so much of the former Rookie of the Year that they benched him for a non point guard scoring wingman (Giannis Antetokounmpo). Tony Snell is going to Milwaukee.

Rudy Gay. Gay has openly said he is not coming back to Sacramento. Gay has a player option for next season, a modest $13 million. Sacramento isn’t a free agent destination. Despite the shade Gay always takes for his game, he is 6-9 who drops 15-17 points. He is worthless at the end of games and his defense borders on boredom but he can be a key member of a playoff roster without a team making a  huge financial commitment.  Gay wants to be a free agent, cash in on what is probably his last big payday. A trade works for the Kings because they are in desperate need of point guard help. With Jordan Farmar, Darren Collison and Ty Lawson as your points, you aren’t winning to many Steph Curry, Damian Lillard, Russ Westbrook battles.

Goran Dragic: The Heat have talked about moving him during the summer. Now that they are officially rebuilding, getting Dragic’s massive overpaid contract off the books is priority number one. Dragic is owed $17 million in 2017-18, $18 million in 2018-19, and has a player option of $19 million in 2019-20. Who would take on that contract? First who could? The Kings. They could trade Rudy Gay with Jordan Farmar and get Dragic in return. For the Kings it would be like the summer season, signing a free agent. Plus they are desperate for point guard relief, for talent at the position which Dragic is. But he will never perform up to what the Heat signed him for. It’s either the Kings or nowhere. For the Heat it would clear space. Gay wants free agency in 2017 and Farmar is on a one year deal.

Nick Young: Young is doing the Lakers a huge favor by deciding he cares about basketball. The wandering mind of Young has disregarded as a nuisance the fine details necessary to becoming a good player and everything about defense. But now, under Luke Walton, Young is suddenly giving effort on defense and his shooting stroke which has been in the toilet the past two years has finally emerged from purgatory. Every team needs a shooter and if Nick Young has finally matured (I’m still doubting it as a long range evolutionary idea) he can be an asset to a team like the Cavs who can use Young for 10 minutes a game. Young has a player option for next season at $5 million which is not that much more than the NBA minimum. He’s cheap. By continuing to impersonate a NBA player, his L.A. days are done.

Nerlens Noel: Philly has a glut in the front court. Joel Embiid looks like a beast in preseason and he’s only played in a handful of games. What is he going to look like after game 20? Jahlil Okafor is the offensive scorer the front court needs so Nerlens Noel is odd man out. Actually, it is good news for Philly. The reason for tanking was to collect young talent. The reason for collecting young talent is to use some of that talent in exchange for veteran experience. Every team in the league wants Nerlens Noel. First he is cheap, $4 million and in the last year of his deal. He is a front court player who rebounds and blocks shots. He’s athletic in pick and roll defense. He has a nice NBA future but in Philly he will never get the playing time. He’s out of Philly after this season so might as well get something for him.


photo via llananba