The Jason Kidd Wagering Is A Bust

When searching for a head coach, Frank Vogel was the Lakers 3rd option. Forcing Jason Kidd on Vogel was seen as a way to usher Kidd in at the expense of Vogel’s medicority. But a funny thing happened on the way to the Kidd-Laker coronation. Vogel is skilled at coaching in the playoffs.

Kobe and Boston: A Goodbye To Remember

originally published December 29, 2015 On the Wednesday night of his Boston debut an 18 year old thinner version of the Kobe Bryant we know gazed at the famed parquet floor that creaked and dipped in spots every time he moved in the lay-up line. For a moment he paused and gave a momentary glance…

Kobe’s 56: I Was There

The most incredible effort from a single player I’ve seen in person came on January 14, 2002 at Staples Center in Los Angeles. I bought tickets at the last moment and invited a friend for a night neither of us could have expected. I had already seen plenty of games in which Kobe Bryant scored at will,…

Grin and Bear It Kobe-Philes

LeBron is going to cement his legacy when he becomes the 3rd All-Time leading scorer dropping Kobe Bryant to 4th. LeBron will have lived up to all the hype and surpassed the lofty expectations that imagined he would be the best ever. That prediction is close.