Don’t tell the Warriors Lottery Picks Don’t Matter

At this time of the year there are always a bunch of haters that downgrade the draft lottery by pointing out the failed picks like Anthony Bennett and Greg Oden who never lived up to the hype. While the lottery is a hit or miss proposition, and you can’t control a lot of what happens to players, the best teams are skilled in the art of choosing players that fit their system and personnel and who don’t flame out or suffer injury hoaxes so when the playoffs roll around they produce. When that happens, the dividends are huge and provide a template on how to build playoff contenders. It is not necessarily about choosing lottery picks in the draft. But you need a bunch of lottery picks on your team to compete in the playoffs. How you get them, through trades or via free agency, is less important than bringing them on board to help with playoff dreams.

The current crop of teams still in the playoffs owe a lot of their fortune to such picks. Their playoff production is listed below.

Golden State Warriors: 89.1 points. 29.7 rebounds. 20.6 assists. 42.0% made threes.

Andrew Bogut (#1), Shaun Livingston (#3), Harrison Barnes (#7), Steph Curry (#7), Andre Iguodala (#9) Klay Thomspon (#11), Brandon Rush (#13).

San Antonio Spurs: 26.7 points. 12.5 rebounds. 2.5 adsists. 100% made threes.

Tim Duncan (#1), LaMarcus Aldridge (#2)

Oklahoma City: 89.2 points. 36.5 rebounds. 19.6 assists. 24.6% made threes.

Kevin Durant (#2), Enes Kanter (#3), Russell Westbrook (#4), Dion Waiters (#4), Randy Foye (#7), Steven Adams (#12), Nick Collison (#12), Cameron Payne (#14)

Cleveland Cavaliers: 84.6 points. 35.7 rebounds. 17.2 assists. 46% made threes.

LeBron James (#1), Kyrie Irving (#1), Tristan Thompson (#4), Kevin Love (#5), Channing Frye (#8), Richard Jefferson (#13)

Toronto Raptors: 55.6 points. 31.1 rebounds. 5.2 assists. 31% made threes.

Jonas Valunciunas (#5), Bismack Biyombo(7th), Terrence Ross (#8), DeMar DeRozan (#9), Jason Thompson (#12), Patrick Patterson (#14)

Miami Heat: 57.2 points. 22.9 rebounds. 9.3 assists. 38.3% made threes.

Chris Bosh (4th), Dwyane Wade (#5), Luol Deng (#7), Amare Stoudemire (#9), Justise Winslow (#10), Joe Johnson (#10)