Derrick Rose and What We Know

Both Sides Agree:

There was a party at Derrick Rose’s Beverly Hills house. The accuser, Jane Doe, contacted Derrick Rose that morning. She was invited to the party and brought along her friend, a masseuse named Kendra. At the party Jane Doe was drinking. At the party, the masseuse Kendra found her way into Derrick Rose’s bedroom. Rose was watching the Fresh Prince of Bel Air. Co-defendant Ryan Allen was in the room with him. There was an argument between Ryan Allen and Kendra that precipitated her leaving.

Derrick Rose, Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton had sex with Jane Doe, one at a time, at her apartment. Derrick Rose took his condom with him when he left. Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton didn’t. At one point, Jane Doe’s roommate came into the room and saw the men in the living room.

The morning after the alleged assault,  Jane Doe spoke to Derrick Rose on the phone and didn’t mention “rape.” She didn’t say to him, “you raped me”. She didn’t call the police. She didn’t have a rape kit or a STD test or a pregnancy test. She was never screened for drugs or alcohol.

After the alleged rape, Jane Doe lost her job and her unemployment insurance ran out.

Both Sides Dispute:

Was it rape or was it consensual sex? Each have their version. The plaintiff says she blacked out and was taken advantage of. “I had these flashes. I recall waking up and seeing them in my room.” She remembers her dress around her neck and lubricant. The defendants testified that the sex was consensual and the accuser used a vibrator and that there was equal satisfaction on both sides. She wasn’t passed out. Derrick Rose testified, “when I went into her room she told me to shut the door.” Rose also said she told him and his friends to come in one at a time. Ryan Allen testified, “when we finished I actually kissed her on the forehead when I left. I said see you soon. She was never unconscious.”

Did the accuser burn her hand on hot coals? Jane Doe said she was so drunk at Derrick Rose’s Beverly Hills house she burned her hand on fire pit coals. She had a bandage she wore in to work the next day which her boss noticed. Derrick Rose was skeptical. Those fire pit coals are hot. She would have had to call the paramedics. Plus, if it happened at his party, he would have heard about it from someone.

Did the accuser give Ryan Allen and Randall Hampton a lapdance? Allen and Hampton testified yes. The accuser denied it.  Randall Hampton said he and Jane Doe had sex on the cabana. She denied it.

Rose testified that he and Jane Doe and Randall Hampton had a threesome at his Beverly Hills house party. Jane Doe said she couldn’t have had sex. She had blacked out and “blackout means you can’t have sex.”

Randall Hampton testified that the accuser asked for ecstasy upon entering the party. Jane Doe’s friend Kendra said she never knew her to ever take ecstasy.

Jane Doe said there was vomit on her bedroom floor. The defendants testified that was not true. Randall Hampton: “That’s heartless.”

Ryan Allen said Kendra came into Rose’s room in a bra and panties, looking for sex from Rose.  Rose wasn’t interested. He testified, “she’s not my type.” Kendra and Allen got into a confrontation and he told her to leave. He thought Rose was being set up. Kendra testified she was fully clothed and ended up in Derrick Rose’s room because she was looking for Jane Doe. Ryan Allen told her to “f___ talking, take off your clothes”. She got mad, they argued and she left.

Jane Doe was not drunk when she left the party, according to the defendants. According to Jane Doe and Kendra she was.

One toxicologist suggested the accuser had no date rape drugs in her system and she suffered no cognitive effects of intoxication. Another doctor said she could have had Xanax, Valium, Klonopin in her system.

Text Messages

She asks Derrick Rose if he wants her to bring ecstasy or pot to the party.

She gives Derrick Rose her address but not her apartment number but she correctly writes her zip code.

She berates Rose for not having sex with her friend Kendra at the party when that was the purpose of bringing her.

She asks Rose for money the morning after the alleged assault.

She gives Rose her Bank of America info so he could deposit money

She tells her roommate their lifestyle would change because she filed the case. “Since we finally filed against derrick we will be returning that tv and we’ll get a plasma tv.”

She says she needs “a very wealthy good man.”


Jane Doe said she told her roommate Derrick Rose raped her. But when Marcela Carleo testified she said Jane Doe was vague about the details.

In a text message to Rose the morning after the assault she told him “she didn’t make it in to work.” Her boss, Tommie McCasater, testified she went to work that morning and told him she was raped.

Former friend, Gabriela Chavez said Jane Doe told her she was not raped. She asked her directly two weeks after the alleged assault. But Jane Doe is accusing the defendants of rape.

The accuser said post-alleged rape she couldn’t be social. Photos were shown of accuser partying in Las Vegas two weeks after the alleged assault.

Tuesday: Jane Doe on the witness stand. Trial wraps up, perhaps Wednesday.


photo via llananba