Carmelo Was Forced To Apologize By Jim Dolan

When is an apology not an apology? When Carmelo is the one talking. But to be fair to Melo, we’ve all been in the same place. We’ve had to suck it up and apologize because it’s the politically correct thing to do. It mends fences. It ends strife. But, as far as the apology goes, it’s not sincere. It’s fake. Nevertheless, the injured party, whether it be the boss or the wife or a heckling fan, feels better.

Just for the record, Carmelo wants everyone to know he didn’t say anything that was wrong. Consequentially, he didn’t understand all the fuss. Regardless, his free thinking quip embarrassed James Dolan so Dolan did the only thing he understands. He used his power. He forced Melo into an apology. Dolan wrote the script and Carmelo followed the company line because when the boss encourages you to backtrack because something you said embarrassed him, well then you do it.

But is an apology an apology if you don’t mean it? If someone else writes it? Talk about insincerity.

Carmelo was being authentically Carmelo when he told a disgruntled fan he should talk to Dolan and ask for his money back. It was a throwaway bit of frustration that Melo didn’t consider serious. Because, it is true. Dolan gave the green light to Phil Jackson to assemble this mess. Why aren’t fans pissed at Dolan? Why does Melo get all the grief?

Because the fans see Melo on the court. They see he has the worst shooting numbers of his career. They see the players Dolan and Jackson brought in haven’t progressed since December. The team is awful and plays no defense but Carmelo doesn’t want to be held accountable so he tosses the blame to Dolan, and Dolan doesn’t want to be accountable so he forces Carmelo to apologize.

Quickie note to Dolan. A forced apology only works if the person you are forcing to apologize keeps quiet about it. That Carmelo outed Dolan doesn’t bode well for their future, with Carmelo making Dolan appear more tyrannical, clueless and narcissistic than he already is. Melo wasn’t willing to be a good team player and take one on the chin for Dolan.

Welcome to the Knicks soap opera. The wheels keep turning.


photo via llananba